Team OverTime, (T.O.T.) is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide emotional, mental and financial support to cancer patients during current and post cancer treatment.  This organization has been persistently spreading cancer awareness to the community since 2013 and has launched an apparel brand to push positive sentiment to both the patients and their loved ones.

CancerWho? is an apparel brand created by Team OverTime to bring back a positive message for everyone in the fight against cancer. After seeing so many vulgar phrases referring to Cancer printed on clothing around the city, Team OverTime decided to combat the message with a campaign that instead promotes encouragement and defeat.  The CancerWho? merchandise was used for the initial fundraiser to support the Team OverTime Cares Program – a program that assists with chemo, radiation, doctor’s appointments, and fun-filled outings (i.e. bowling, parks, spa days, sporting events, dining) for those battling the life threatening disease. So far, T.O.T. has been able to assist hundreds of people in the fight against cancer. Community efforts in spreading the message have been increasing and the positive feedback has been phenomenal.

This year, Team OverTime will be launching a campaign that introduces new items that will each sponsor a cancer patient from the community.   Ultimately, the goal is to have all those who purchase the CancerWho? merchandise to “feel proud that they are helping someone going through cancer,” says Team OverTime’s President and Founder, Al Harris. “We want to create a Family atmosphere and also a system in which the people and their loved ones don’t feel alone.”